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Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully before placing your order with CARASMATIC CAKE STUDIO your access to this website is subject to these Terms and Conditions and any disclaimers or other conditions or statements contained on this website (referred to collectively as “Terms and Conditions” or “Policies”). By using this website you agree to be subject to these Terms and Conditions. CARASMATIC CAKE STUDIO may at any time, at its sole discretion, amend, vary or modify these Terms and Conditions without notice. Modifications to this site including these Terms and Conditions will be effective immediately and any subsequent use by you of the website will constitute an acceptance of those modifications. Please re-read these terms and conditions before subsequent use.  We reserve the right to refuse the sale of goods or services or to cancel an order under certain circumstances.

Items ordered online must be paid for in advance.




Once you're happy with the design and wish to go ahead with the order, a 50% non refundable deposit is required to SECURE THE BOOKING DATE If the design is still being worked out, but you would like to lock in the date, you may pay 50% OF THE ESTIMATED BUDGET. This will serve as a non-refundable deposit.  The remaining balance is due 7 days prior to delivery or pick up, including any delivery fees. An invoice will be sent to you and can be paid through DIRECT DEPOSIT OR A PAYPAL apon request.  If the remaining balance is not paid on time then the order will be terminated and the deposit forfeited.


Confirmation of Orders upon receipt of your order you will be emailed a copy of your invoice. Please ensure all contact details, personal information, spelling of names, delivery/collection dates and times and any requested changes have been properly documented on your invoice.  Please contact us immediately of any errors on your invoice. Failing to notify us of any errors may result in additional charges where alterations are necessary after your order has been completed.




Any changes made to your order within 7 days of collection or delivery may incur a surcharge, depending on the change requested. In most cases we can accommodate changes, however at times it is not possible. We will however endeavour to accommodate you to the best of our ability.




In the event of a cancellation, the deposit is non-refundable due to time and work already spent on your order, materials purchased, and loss of potential work by excluding other clients and orders to work on your custom order.  Please be considerate when cancelling an order.  If you cancel the order after paying the full balance, it will be at the managements discretion to issue any refunds. If the order has already been started then no refund will be given, if the order has yet to be started then you may be issued a refund minus the deposit.


Transporting your cake

(Pick up) It is important to remember that cakes are a perishable and delicate product.  Unfortunately once you take possession of your cake, a number of factors relating to its care and transportation may result in its quality being compromised. Carasmatic Cake Studio will not take responsibility for any damage incurred during transportation or storage of the cake by customers.  We offer a delivery and set up service for all our Speciality Cakes at an additional cost to ensure they arrive safely.  You may pick up your cake if prefered, the cake must be placed in either the boot of the car, or on the passenger side floor. Do not travel with a cake in the lap or on a seat, this will likely move the cake around and can cause damage.  Please take care on very hot days, as without cooling the cake can melt.

Looking after you cake once you have recieved you cake, please make sure that you display and look after it correctly.  The cake must be displayed on a sturdy table, that will not be bumped.  Please be mindful of pets and children around the cake.  There is no need to refrigerate the cake (or cupcakes), fondant covered cakes may "sweat" in the fridge. Keep the cake in a cool place out of the sun.  Once cut the remaining cake can be wrapped up and put in the fridge and be eaten as leftovers for 3-4 days, or frozen for up to a year.


Delivery and Shipping: 

I offer free local delivery to surrounding suburbs: WESBURN, WARBURTON, YARRA JUNCTION, LAUNCHING PLACE, WOORI YALLOCK. I also offer free delivery for orders over $250 within 30km of WESBURN. Delivery charges thereafter will vary depending on the distance from WESBURN and any tolls that may be used. The total price of delivery will be advised after I have received your enquiry. If a long distance delivery is required I may offer to meet up at a half way location for your convienience.

Some special cakes may be shipped interstate via a desk to desk service from Qantas Freight. If this is to occur pickup will need to be arranged from the Airport. This will need to be discussed with Carasmatic Cake Studio.


Your satisfaction


Your satisfaction is of the highest importance to us.  If for any reason the cake you purchased does not meet your satisfaction, we would like to know about it. Please call or email us so that we can discuss your concerns and look at ways that we can rectify the situation. Resolutions for any problems are at the sole discretion of management and vary depending on the circumstances. For us to consider a credit note or refund, you must refrigerate or freeze the cake and return it to us within seven (7) days.


Variations from pictured items In some cases it may be necessary to change a colour or vary a product from the picture on our site as certain cake decorating items may from time to time be unavailable. Please note that where colours are concerned, the picture shown on our website or in store albums may not be a true representation of the colour of the cake as quite often computer screen and photograph colours are not accurate and therefore your cake may appear to be different in colour from that shown. Carasmatic Cake Studio will make every effort to ensure that any cake pictures provided are followed to your specifications, however there are always going to be small variations in hand made products. I cannot guarantee that items such as figurines, 2D and 3D characters and cakes made from pictures will be an exact replication of the original item, sometimes this is not possible.


Disclosure of Information


Carasmatic Cake Studio will not disclose any personal information such as your name, address, email or telephone number to any person outside of the company, unless the customer has authorised us to do so or unless required by law to disclose such information.  Furthermore, under no circumstances will Carasmatic Cake Studio sell or receive payments or services for disclosing customer’s personal information to any partner or external company.

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