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White Chocolate Mud

Dark Chocolate Mud

Caramel Mud

Lemon Mud

Banana Mud

Vanilla Mud

Marble Mud Cake 

Apple and Cinnamon

Coconut Mud

Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Mud

Sticky Date

Apple and Cinnamon Mud Cake

Red Velvet

Rainbow Layer Cake* Extra charges apply


Chocolate mousse

Vanilla swiss meringue

Lemon swiss meringue

Raspberry Swiss Meringue

Strawberry Swiss Meringue

White chocolate swiss meringue

Coffee Swiss Meringue

Cinnamon Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Ferrero Rocher

All cakes have a minimum of 2 layers of cake with a filling layer. The cakes are iced in white chocolate or dark chocolate ganache depending on flavour chosen then covered in fondant. Some cakes that are rustic finish may be iced in Swiss Meringue Buttercream, this depends on the design of the cake chosen.

Sculpted cakes have the choice of white chocolate or dark chocolate ganache only as filling layers are too soft to support the structure of a 3D cake.

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