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How much do your cakes cost?  


All of my cakes are custom made to order, therefor there is no set 'price list'.

The price of each cake can vary greatly with design chosen, number of servings required, the complexity of the design, complexity of the skills required to produce, ingredients needed and supplies.

Details such as hand made figurines, sugar flowers, shaping/sculpting of cake will all alter the final price.

I have included a budget area on the contact form, Please fill in this section as this helps me to suggest suitable designs that will fit in with your budget. 


I do however have a minimum starting price: 

1 tier minimum spend of $170

(based on a 6" round cake with basic decoration).

2 tier minimum spend of $260

(based on standard 5" and 7"cakes)

3 tier minimum spend of $360

(based on standard 5"  7" and 9" cakes)

3D novelty cakes have a starting price of $360

3D cars have a starting price of $400

Additional costs will depend entirely on complexity of the chosen design. 

Please note this is a starting price guide, your quote will be determined by the overall size of the cake needed for the amount of serves required, the level of complexity and skill required to complete the order will also be factored in to the final quotation.

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